Adapt to the pace of growth of your business

Take your business with you wherever you are and work with full agility locally or in the cloud, on a desktop, tablet, Windows, Android, and iOS mobile device.

EChoose the cloud or on-premise infrastructure. Break down barriers in your organization using an end-to-end solution that can work wherever you need it and offers the same user experience in all deployment modes.

Prepare for growth. Adapt operations as you grow using modern technologies built into the Microsoft cloud, such as Machine Learning, IoT, and mixed reality, to help you adapt to market dynamics.

Store and transmit data between all your systems. Take control of critical data and help protect it from unauthorized access with automatic encryption in Microsoft data centers.

Extend the solution with applications specific to your industry. Visit the Microsoft AppSource Marketplace and get specific extensions to meet the unique needs of your business or niche market.

Customize the software to your needs. Get technical support in 25 languages, localization capabilities, the ability to make user interface changes without programming, and extend the solution with Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents.

Work faster and smarter

Extract insights from business flow. Access business intelligence capabilities when and where you need them, with real-time dashboards and KPIs for each user role.

Encourage continuous process optimization. Improve results and productivity with real-time system suggestions based on historical data that guide employees through workflows.

Automate workflows and processes. Optimize performance using simple workflows, audit trails, enterprise-level security measures, and AI capabilities.

Connect your data with Microsoft 365. Link company data with productivity tools such as Microsoft Outlook and Excel to improve the customer and employee experience throughout the entire business process, from offer to payment.

Answer questions faster. Stay connected and simplify work by installing the Business Central app in Microsoft Teams to share business data through Teams chats.

Optimize accounting, fiscal and financial management

Take control of your financial data. Better manage cash flow, bank reconciliations, fixed assets, budgets, and project costs by shortening cycles with an extension that allows you to predict payment delays.

Expand internationally. Easily work with multiple currencies, exchange rates, consolidations, intercompany transactions, and localized tax regulations.

Accelerate monthly and annual closings by connecting data from general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and fixed assets. Streamline approval workflows with Power Automate.

Monitor financial performance. Use integrated reports, Excel or Microsoft Power BI with unlimited dimensions of data to understand cash flow in real time, identify financial patterns, analyze trends, and improve business planning.

Make more profitable financial decisions. Connect reports, charts, and Power BI data across accounting, sales, purchasing, and inventory teams to extract more accurate insights and make financial decisions with confidence.

Manage your taxes, tax documents (including electronic ones), and returns with CADIA's localization for Business Central, fully integrated with the rest of the system's functionality.

Streamline sales processes

Prioritize leads based on the revenue they can generate. Monitor customer interactions and follow guidelines to determine the best up-sell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities throughout the sales cycle.

Offer flexible pricing and discounts. Create flexible pricing structures and discounts for individual customers and customer groups.

Deliver promised results to customers. Track customer agreements for quick access to details on pricing, discounts, delivery dates, product availability, and order management status.

Improve cash management. Increase cash flow by right-sizing inventory and maximizing duration and governance of asset capitalization.

Providing exceptional customer service

Enjoy seamless transitions from sales to customer service. Automatically register goods shipped as service products and keep the necessary details in one place so that sales and customer service teams can respond quickly to inquiries.

Follow up on customer returns and repairs. Offer total product replacement or simple repairs, including the cost of parts and labor on the work order itself. Reinforce customer loyalty by providing replacement equipment while their equipment is being repaired.

Deliver on customer service promises. Assign the right people to work orders and get an overview of service tasks and workloads. Follow through on agreements to give your customers service they can trust.

Facilitate the success of the project

Improve project cost management and accounting. Better manage projects using timesheets and advanced cost management and reporting capabilities. Develop and modify detailed budgets to ensure project profitability.

Optimize resource levels. Manage resource utilization through capacity and sales planning Monitor customer invoices and compare planned and actual costs from orders and quotations.

Improve profitability by extracting knowledge from projects. Access real-time business intelligence resources on project status, profitability, and resource utilization metrics.

Driving supply chain optimization

Improve interaction with suppliers. Forge more fruitful relationships with suppliers and convert the best offers into orders. Ensure compliance with internal and external policies with process management and approvals.

Get a holistic view of inventory. Use the same or different inventory valuation with stock items, easily ship items from one location to another, and control the quantity on hand by performing cyclic counts.

Forecast inventory replenishment. Replenish inventory based on actual data, demand, and availability using built-in intelligence capabilities, along with sales and inventory forecasts, to automatically create purchase orders.

Optimizing warehouse management

Improve organization in storage facilities. Configure locations and zones in Business Central to reflect the warehouse layout, such as racking and shelving.

Optimize receptions and capacity. Use a standard to determine the best location for items based on the type, size, and capacity of the venue.

Speed up transit and transportation. Optimize space and the collection process. Speed up shipments and reduce conflicts by allowing direct transit.

Connect customers and operations. Use real-time data on the area, location, and quantity of each item to better manage customer orders.

Provide optimal production volumes

Adjust production to supply and capacity constraints. Implement billing processes in a planned manner, even in agile and complex environments.

You create detailed bills of material. You specify raw materials, sub-assemblies, or resources using a BOM that comprises a finished product or a kit.

Enable build-to-order. You enter the special requirements in the BOM and manage them directly from the quotation and the sales order during make-to-order assembly processes.

Use more complex manufacturing orders or processes. Record consumption and production in different BOMs and routes. Reconcile rejects and variations recorded in consumption and production.





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