When we mention “Localization”, on IT and ERP context, this means adapting the software to comply with legal and fiscal requirements of a certain country. In Brazil we also use “Tropicalization” to designate the adaptation fo Brazil requirements.


Taxes, fiscal and accounting requirements in Brazil are complex. We need to take in consideration a multitude of municipal, state and federal regulations. The subject of taxes, fiscal and accounting obligations in Brazil is complex, we are talking about several rules and procedures in the municipal, state and federal spheres, besides special conditions, depending on the segment and fiscal framework in which the company is inserted. A real "tangle" of regulations that are frequently changed due to demands from one or another governmental sphere.


How can I keep all this in order, meet my company's tax obligations, and still keep everything up to date?  This is a question that goes through the minds of many executives when they start the process of buying software here in Brazil.


Cadia can help you with the whole process, from mapping the tax environment, configuring the taxes, tax liabilities to be filed, and monitoring legal changes as needed to keep your system up-to-date and in order to meet legal requirements.


To reach this stage of service, our company has come a long way.


We were the pioneers in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Localization, we did the first localization in 2001, at that time the product was called Navision and was not yet owned by Microsoft.  Later, in partnership with Microsoft after it acquired the then Navision Software company, our Brazilian localization was incorporated into the "standard" product purchased in Brazil and included in Microsoft's price list the specific "features" for the country, now already under the name Microsoft Dynamics NAV. by our company.


Given this model, at the time of the partnership between Cadia and Microsoft, our Localization served not only our customers but also the customers of the other "NAV" partners who marketed the product here in Brazil, and this condition lasted until version 5.0 of the product. After this version, each partner became responsible for its own Localization.


Adding our clients plus the companies that purchased the product from other partners with our incorporated Localization, we have today approximately 200 companies using the Cadia Brazilian Localization.


Pioneering and volume don't mean much if you don't keep up to date and always improve your services and products.


Over the years we have served customers from various segments and different versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, this has enabled us to broaden the scope of our localization and comprehensively meet requirements often considered as specific. 


Our localization is not restricted to adding functionality to a global database provided by Microsoft, we also serve customers with global operations that have their business solution customized within the system (Core Template) adding our localization to the base with the Core Template so that they can maintain their current operation without losses and still have the necessary resources to work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV in Brazil always up to date.


With a commitment to ongoing maintenance, we offer our Brazilian localization for the latest versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, as well as support legacy versions for customers already deployed. 


With a simple and optimized language, we count on a team of fiscal specialists who are proactive in suggesting improvements. This allows us to develop resources that are easy to understand for users and to keep the localization up to date in face of the cyclical scenario of common periodic updates to Brazilian legislation. 


With all these years of experience, our Localization has not become just a module, some functionalities, a software, it is more than that, we have an added value to offer your company, a team of accounting and fiscal experts that we count on to maintain this structure, and thus make available for your business a stable and secure Brazilian Localization with continuous support

A team of accounting/tax specialists at your disposal

When we talk about the accounting and fiscal issue in Brazil we are really talking about something complex, several norms and procedures in the three spheres of government (municipal, state, and federal), dealing with several documents, constant changes and alterations, and the growing need for digitalization of fiscal processes, all these dynamics have brought many problems for people to manage their business routines in the companies.


In the path of digitalization came the SPED (Public Digital Bookkeeping System) and the difficulties became even more visible. Now, procedural errors and inconsistencies are identified by the responsible agencies much more easily, generating fines and other penalties for companies.


It is common when we are hired and we are doing the fiscal mapping in a company through a previous analysis that we perform before implementing the new system, to hear reports of errors when issuing the electronic invoice, not being able to pay the taxes on time, problems due to the company's registration status, errors when filling out the NCM (Mercosul Common Nomenclature) and so on.


We faced this accounting and tax issue for the first time in 2001, when we did the first Brazilian localization of the product called Navision, which was later renamed Microsoft Dynamics NAV when acquired by Microsoft.


We confess to you that we have acquired some scars in facing this Brazilian tax issue, on the other hand, this process has given us mileage to take your company through a safer route in conducting these tax issues.


First of all, to talk about accounting and tax issues we need to have accounting and tax specialists, it may seem obvious, but it is not, it is not uncommon for this topic to be dealt with by a "pure" I.T. professional. (Information Technology) as a programmer for example, which is very welcome in the implementation of a system, but not for scenario definitions and tax settings.


If this tax issue is not handled by experts on the subject, allow us a metaphor, it is like someone showing you a drawing of an animal and you look at it and it has a dog's tail, a dog's hair, a dog's snout, and when you ask the person who drew it what sound it makes, he replies, meow! Then you realize that this is not quite what you imagined.


At Cadia, we have a team of specialists at your disposal whose academic background is accounting/tax to deal with these issues, and these professionals add to their initial training the functional knowledge of the system to be implemented, thus we make the "marriage" between the business knowledge, in this case accounting/tax with the product (software).


Using Cadia's internal work methodology, i.e., what is step 1 and after fulfilling it, what is the prerequisite to start step 2 and so on, these expert accounting/tax professionals will help you structure and configure your company's entire fiscal scenario "inside" the system or software, so that you go on prepared to fulfill the fiscal obligations pertinent to your business and within the due deadlines set by the competent agencies.


We are ready for this challenge, you can count on Cadia, we don't want you to acquire the same scars as when we first started all this, our experience is at your company's disposal to conduct the accounting and tax issues.

A constantly updated localization

The Localization we make available to you brings an added value, our team of accounting and tax specialists who monitor the legal changes when requested in the 03 spheres of government (municipal, state and federal) and keep our product always updated.  We also act proactively, warning you in which circumstances or scenarios an update of your system is necessary, i.e., we will provide continuous support for existing functionalities and eventual changes.





Personal commitment and digital solutions





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