Once the project is finished and the system is deployed, the question comes up, what will it be like now? Many people ask this question.


Many doubts and uncertainties may come in the users' minds, if they will be able to "touch the boat" by themselves, if a problem occurs, how they will be able to solve it, doubts about procedures in one or another process, finally, a new and challenging moment.


To help you overcome these "uncertainties", we are committed to maintaining a dedicated support team.


The support team is dedicated exclusively to support, this may seem redundant, but it is not, what we want to make clear is that this team will not be involved with other activities that are not exclusively support.


As for the dynamics of the department, our commitment to you is the care and attention, from the receipt of the occurrence or call, the internal forwarding of the issue and ending with the treatment and the return of the solution. All this "gear" works with the proper traceability and monitoring of occurrences, to attend you as soon as possible and safely. To do so, the SLA (Service Level Agreement) is previously defined through a contract.


A team of professionals dedicated to support is important, but it's still not enough, we need the right working conditions.


We invest time and financial resources in the structure of this department, this investment includes the purchase of computers and equipment suitable for the demands, software for specific management of this area so that we can assess your level of satisfaction, internal performance metrics, monitoring of issues for the formation of a knowledge base and resolutions, just to name a few aspects, and in addition, we invest hours of training for the consultants who work in the service, all this so that we can provide good quality services to your company.

We have invested in a technology infrastructure and a dedicated support team to help you with the use of the new system after implementation

Our 1st level support team is prepared to understand your new needs and propose improvements, we also have 2nd level specialists reinforcing the team to help you in topics that require very specific knowledge

Since we implemented an ERP system in 2001, we have been noticing over time a situation that occurs quite frequently. And what is this situation?


Some time after the initial "kick-off" of the new system, and this period is variable depending on the company's profile and situations that happen, such as people changing people in the company, people who came in and did not participate in the initial implementation and, therefore, did not help with the business definitions at the time of implementation.


Another possibility that also presents itself is the increment of a new line of business or activity that was established after the initial project.


The fact is, that usually after some period of time the user notices one or another thing that does not please him and that could be better in the system for the flow of his work and consequently a gain in productivity in the company, and this "complaint" usually has as its entry door the support.


The lesson learned is that even with a methodology that we follow during the implementation of the system adapted to the particularities of the product, manufacturer, and client, it is necessary to take special care in listening to you, who use the system on a daily basis, and to be sensitive to identify and propose improvements that help you extract more and with the highest possible quality what the system can offer.


The training and profile of the consultant who provides support is part of our contribution to help you use the system more productively.


Through training and with a knowledge base that is shared at Cadia, the consultants that answer the support calls have a good knowledge of the system as a whole, it's part of their routine to deal with topics related to purchasing, sales, production, services, accounting and fiscal among others, all this so that we are not surprised when we receive a call or an occurrence.


In order to propose improvements, when necessary, besides the possibility of identifying and doing this directly through support, we also have the support of our 2nd level knowledge base, so to speak.


How does this work? Admitting the hypothesis that the involved theme requires a very specific knowledge to propose an improvement, as the production area for example, our support team can resort to our knowledge base with the support of a specific consultant for that theme, as in the example given, a Production Engineer and thus, finalize the "design" of the improvement proposed by our team.


All this work dynamics and structure that is behind the department will be at your disposal when you join the support service.

We solve and explain. Our support is pedagogically oriented, we want your employee to learn more about the system with each incidence

Getting help when you are faced with a problem or difficulty in operating the system is something very welcome, and by receiving this help, besides solving your problem, you will be able to solve it yourself next time, even better.


With this in mind, we respect and encourage in our support department your autonomy and independence. Somehow we are already helped in this aspect with Microsoft solutions, by the familiarity with the product interface and intuitive way of using it.


The service is oriented not simply to solve the occurrence, it is necessary a clarification, explaining to you in what context the error occurred, what is the origin, in which scenario it may occur again, finally, with this way of conducting the service, the idea is to awaken a critical sense in your employee so that in a similar situation they are able to solve the problem by themselves.


Let's be honest, it is good to know that we have the support of a support department when we need it, this is important, but having the autonomy to perform our tasks is rewarding.

Personalized treatment. We make available to your company the service always from the same team

When we hire a service we see ourselves as unique, this is the perception we have when we are in the role of client, we want attention, that a good service is provided, and when we need some interaction we want to be attended promptly, regardless of whether our supplier has dozens, hundreds, or sometimes thousands of clients.


Our team has in its great majority people with 8 years in the company and some with more than 10 years with us, this theme of customer service is something well rooted in Cadia's culture.


A situation that bothers us even when we are promptly attended to by a company is that we talk to someone, and then they tell us to talk to someone else, and then another and another, and we always have to repeat the reason for our contact, it gets tiring, and then you start having doubts about whether you chose the right company to work for.


So that you don't go through this "suffering", in the support department we work with personalized and remote attendance, and when it is necessary to talk to the consultant, your employee already knows who to talk to.


There will be a 100% dedicated team that knows your company to attend the occurrences. In addition, we have tools in Microsoft Dynamics to control the evolution of occurrences and a work methodology to make things easier for you.


Among the main benefits for your company with this "customized" way of working, we can mention the time and efficiency factor. We gain agility because we avoid the tiresome repetition and collection of history, and we are more productive in the resolution of issues. We can serve you in a safer and more precise way following the "customization" recipe.


Another interesting and beneficial aspect is the human relationship, as the relationship gets closer the work dynamics gets easier, the level of demand and satisfaction become better known on both sides and more and more your employee gets to know our consultant better, facilitating the eventual review of one or another procedure, suggestions for improvements in the service process and consequently a continuous and healthy search for improvement.

Our support team will be trained about your company and business to be able to serve you in a fast and simple way

It is fundamental when the system implementation project is finished, and the company will now continue to be served by our support department, that this "new area" of interaction with you has all the information and characteristics of the implemented system, regarding the project scope, specific functionalities, and even the information about which key users participated in the initial project definitions. We don't like surprises or circumstances that hinder our work.


How is this done and what is the main benefit for your company? The answer is simple, security, this is the main benefit, we don't start the service from "zero", we will already have a lot of information about your company before we start the support and it is done through knowledge transfer taking advantage of the mileage already traveled by the project team.


Since the prospecting of a lead until the entrance of a client in the support department when the initial implementation project is over, there is a workflow and stages that we go through. When there is a formalization of a client's entrance in our support department, we follow a procedure.


When we reach this stage, there is a transfer of knowledge from the team that worked on the project to the support team, with emphasis on an even higher level of detail for your consultant, that is, the one that was chosen to be the exclusive one for your company. At this moment it is important for us to know from the project team which areas were served, business characteristics, specific customizations, version of the implemented software and all kind of information that is relevant for the system support. To do so, there is a procedure to be followed by both teams (project and support) that allows the support team to have access to all technical and functional project documentation and, as usual at Cadia, a specific meeting that we internally call "passing the baton".


With this procedure we will give you more security for the sequence of works in the support area, and our focus is to guarantee that the scope designed and executed in the initial project meets the proposed objectives.

We put at your disposal a team of tax specialists to clarify doubts and guide you on the correct configuration of your company's tax scenarios, and we act proactively by warning you of legal changes

Among the various topics that arise in Support occurrences, the Fiscal topic deserves a special mention, because of the importance and impact that an eventual lack of delivery or delay of an obligation can cause, thus generating fines, penalties, limitations in operations with Banks and, depending on the company's segment, preventing it from participating in biddings, just to name a few points, a nuisance without a doubt.


Another point that "weighs" in relation to this theme is the Brazilian fiscal complexity, with taxes and obligations in the municipal, state, and federal spheres, special conditions, depending on the company's activity, in short, a real "tangle" of rules and procedures.


To make things easier for you and to avoid a scenario of non-compliance with a tax obligation, we have a team of specialists in this matter, some of these professionals have an academic background in accounting and tax areas.


With these specialists we have in house, at Cadia, you will have a team at your disposal to answer questions and obtain clarifications.


Besides this receptive work, we have a proactive one, which is the main one, when it comes to tax issues.


Our team of specialists has a continuous work of monitoring and following up on the updates in the Brazilian fiscal legislation so that when any change occurs, you can be advised and oriented.


In addition to these "reports" passed on to your company, we act and collaborate so that you always have the system updated with the tax legislation in force and comply with the tax requirements within the deadlines set by the tax authorities.

With a simple, objective and transparent support contract, added to the quality control tools and applications we have, you have the possibility to evaluate our services continuously

We aim to serve your company with transparency and assurance of "what" and "how" we are doing things, and with what level of quality.


In order for us to achieve this purpose, the first point, is to share and explain to you in detail and with full transparency what our support service covers, what it entitles you to?  How does it work? Under what circumstances?  In short, it is important that you know as much as we do about the scope of the benefits.


We have invested in quality control tools so that you can quickly and objectively evaluate our service in every call or incident that we are called on, if you wish.


For each occurrence closure you will receive a communication requesting a quick evaluation like "very satisfied", "satisfied", "unsatisfied", and so on. If your evaluation is attributed a negative condition of quality of our service, an e-mail will be immediately sent to the managers of the main areas of our company so that they are aware of it and can evaluate what happened.


With the quality control and management mechanisms we have in place in our support department, we can offer you an efficient and reliable quality service.

We make available the visit of a consultant in your company

Besides all the technological and professional structure that we make available to you.


through the 1st and 2nd level service for very specific themes.


The way we guide the resolution of occurrences with the objective of generating more and more autonomy to your collaborator.


The centralization of your service in a consultant, the knowledge transference that we received from the support team to start this new phase in a safe way.

The team of fiscal experts for orientation and "tuned in" to legal changes to warn you.


All this structure, allied to the quality control we have and the possibility of continuous evaluation of our services that are available to you, we still have at your disposal, when necessary, the visit of a consultant in your company.


The whole work dynamic is oriented to perform the activities remotely, to speed up time, gain efficiency, productivity, and serve you in the best possible way. However, even with the evolution and benefits of remote service, in some situations the presence of a human being is important and may be necessary in specific cases. For this reason, we have opened this new procedure in the support department, the visit of a consultant in your company, to supply these eventual demands. Count on us!





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